Flat Possessions Begins in Nimbus Hyde Park in Noida

Nimbus Group is offering possession in its flagship project Nimbus Hyde Park. The possession is being offered in 6 towers namely Tower A, Tower B, Tower C , Tower D. The possession dates have been announced by the company.

Construction Updates 2016


Towers                    Expected Date                         Size(Sqft)

Tower A                      Possessions Offered                    (1550/1835)

Tower B                       Possession Offered                    (1320)

Tower C                       Possession Offered                    (1550/1835)

Tower D                      Possession Offered                     (1320)

Tower E                       Possession Offered                      (915/1080)

Tower X                       Possession Offered                      (525/1080)

Tower F                       Possession Offered                      (915/1080)

Phase-II              Expected Date                          Size(Sqft)

Tower G                      Possession Offered                     (915/1080)

Tower H                       April 2016                                    (1320)

Tower J                        April 2016                                     (915/1080)

Tower K                       May 2016                                       (915/1080)

Tower L                       May 2016                                       (915/1080)

Tower M                     April 2016                                       (915/1080)

Tower N                      Possession Offered                       (1320)

Tower O                      Possession Offered                        (915/1080)

Tower P                       Possession Offered                        (915/1080)

Phase –III

Towers               Expected Date                          Size(Sqft)

Tower Y                        March 2017                                (1320)

Tower Q                      March 2017                                (915/1080)

Tower R                       March 2017                                 (1320)

Tower S                       March 2017                                 (1550/1835)

Tower T                       March 2017                                 (1320)

Tower U-                    March 2017                                 (1550/1835)

Nimbus Hyde Park is an ambitious residential project in Sector 78 of Noida based Nimbus Group. The developer is offering Studio apartments, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK with built in area ranging from 525 square feet to 2200 square feet. There are a total 23 towers in the project.

The possession letters for flats in Tower A and Tower B has been issued by the company. The letters for Tower C and D will be out within next 20-25 days, and then for the tower E and F and thereafter for rest of the towers.

The candidates who have purchased the flats in any of these towers can contact the representatives for possession documentation, pending payment and other formalities. After completing the payment and documentation formalities the buyers will be issued a NOC and can then move into their respective flats.

Below is the construction update gallery for Tower A, B, C and D.

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower A

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower A

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower B

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower B

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower C

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower C

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower D

Nimbus Hyde Park Tower D

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